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ABB IRB 4600 Robot Payload 40kg/Reach 2550mm As Welding Robot With High Precision 6 Axis Robot Intelligent

New Design. New Features. New Technologies. IRB 4600 is a highly productive general purpose robot optimized for short cycle times where compact robots can help create high density cells. The IRB 4600 enables more compact manufacturing cells with increased production output and higher quality – and that means improved productivity.

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Product Features

Shortest cycle times
Thanks to the new compact and optimized design resulting in a low weight, the IRB 4600 can cut the cycle times of the industry benchmark by up to 25%. The maximum acceleration achievable is highest in its class, together with high maximum speeds. With the high acceleration it is possible to use to avoid obstacles or to follow the path. The benefit is increased production capacity and higher productivity.

Ultra-wide working range
You can position the IRB 4600 in the most favourable way with regard to reach, cycle time and auxiliary equipment. Flexible mounting with floor, tilted, semishelf or inverted mounting is very useful when you are simulating the best position for your application.

The small footprint, the slim swing base radius around axis 1, the fine elbow behind axis 3, the small lower and upper arms, and the compact wrist all contribute to the most compact robot in its class. With the IRB 4600 you can create your production cell with reduced floor space by placing the robot closer to the served machines, which also increases your output and your productivity.

Best protection available
ABB has the most comprehensive protection program on the market and it will be even further enhanced with the IRB 4600. Foundry Plus includes IP 67, resistant paint, rust protected mounting flange and protection for molten metal spits on non-moving cables on the rear of the robot and extra protection plates over the floor cable connections on the foot.

Optimize and go sharp
To get the IRB 4600 ready for the targeted applications you have access to high performing Workpiece Positioners, Track Motions, and the Motor and Gear Unit range. To simulate your production cell to find the optimal position for the robot and program it offline, Robot Studio is available on subscription together with Power Pacs for several applications.

Product Parameters

Robot version Reach(m) Payload(kg) Armload(kg)
IRB 4600-60/2.05 2.05 60 20
IRB 4600-45/2.05 2.05 45 20
IRB 4600-40/2.55 2.55 40 20
IRB 4600-20/2.50 2.51 20 11
Number of axes 6+3 external(up to 36 with MultiMove0
Protection Standard IP67,as option Foundry Plus 2
Mounting Floor, shelf, inverted or tilted
Controller IRC5 Single cabinet

Performance (according to ISO 9283)

Robot version Position repeatability Path repeatability
IRB 4600-60/2.05 0.06mm 0.46mm
IRB 4600-45/2.05 0.05mm 0.13mm
IRB 4600-40/2.55 0.06mm 0.28mm
IRB 4600-20/2.50 0.05mm 0.17mm

Application and After-Sales Service

Main applications:
Arc Welding
Material Handling
Machine Tending
Material Removal
Laser Cutting
Laser Welding

Online Services and Video technical


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