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YASKAWA MOTOMAN GP110 Robot Payload 110kg/Reach 2236mm 6 Axis Robot Arm As Pick And Place Machine Industrial Robot

Equipped to handle high payloads for heavy part processing, the powerful six-axis GP110 robot increases productivity for a wide selection of tasks. While high moment and inertia ratings support large and heavy applications, exceptionally quick axis speeds and acceleration capabilities reduce cycle time. A wide wrist motion range eliminates interference for improved application flexibility, and the reduced interference design enables high-density robot placement in work cells. Pre-wired for servo gripper allowing a variety of product handling, the high-speed GP110 offers simple installation, easy operation, and minimal maintenance for increased production output.

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Product Features

The MOTOMAN GP110 is a versatile high-speed 6-axis robot, providing a high payload of up to 110 kg. It offers superior performance in material handling, machine tending, processing, and dispending applications. Despite its slim body, the MOTOMAN GP110 features a wide work envelope with a small interference radius. Thereby it can be placed close to machines for loading and unloading of parts, which reduces the required floor space to a minimum. Our industry-leading, Motoman industrial robots include high-payload, high-speed, extended-reach, ultra-maneuverable seven-axis, and unique 15-axis dual-arm robots. With cutting-edge controllers, vision systems, peripherals, and other best-in-class components, we can configure a solution tailored for your manufacturing needs.

Quick Robot Wins for Greater OEE
With market demands more pressing than ever, the “throughput struggle” is real. To increase productivity and strive for 100% effectiveness, many manufacturers are placing greater focus on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to measure the efficiency of individual machines, automated work cells, production lines, and even entire factories.

Robot Programming for Today’s Workforce
Second, to robot cost, the top concern for many manufacturers branching into robotics is the ease of programming. To address this and to unlock additional potential for a wider user group, robot suppliers like Yaskawa are constantly seeking to provide easy-to-use automation solutions that can tackle tough challenges.

Easy and Efficient Robot Control for Secondary Packaging Operations
High-performance robots optimized for packaging are delivering exceptional speed and precision for picking, packing, and palletizing applications. Whether a manufacturer’s focus is food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, or specialty items, a growing number of advanced technologies are making it easier to configure, program, and integrate ideal solutions that meet production goals.

• Increase productivity with the powerful and efficient six-axis GP110 robot.
• 110 kg payload and high moment and inertia ratings provide superior performance for large and heavy handling applications.
• Exceptionally fast axis speeds and acceleration reduce cycle time and increase production output.
• Reduced interference design allows close proximity placement of robots for high-density workcells.
• Wide wrist motion range eliminates interference and improves application flexibility.
• Cables and airlines are routed through robot base to the upper arm to increase cable life, enhance safety and reduce teaching time.
• Pre-wired for servo gripper which allows for a wide range of product handling.

Product Parameters

Axes Maximun motion range(°) Maximum speed

( °/ sec)




moment of inertia(kg•m2)

S ±180 140
L +155/-90 110
U +90/-80 130
R ±360 175 721 60
B ±125 175 721 60
T ±360 255 294 33.7
Item Unit GP110
Controlled axes 6
Maximum payload kg 110
Repeatability mm 0.03
Horizonal reach mm 2236
Vertical reach mm 3751
Weight kg 660
Internal user I/O cable 24 conductors w/ground)
Internal user air line (5) 3/8 connection
Power requirments VAC 380-480
Power rating kVA 5

Application and After-Sales Service

Applications: Dispensing, Machine Tending, Material Cutting, Material Handling, Press Tending
After-Sales Service: Online Services and Video technical


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