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Hornet 565 Robot Payload 8kg/Industrial Robot Arm C3 Compact Arm Robot Slender Linear Body Robot Arm 6 Axis Industrial Parallel Delta Robot Price

The parallel robot greatly improves production efficiency, liberates the labor force, and reduces the cost of human and material resources. Parallel robot ideal for use in the food and beverage, medicine, electronics, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries widely, and has incomparable advantages in material handling, packaging, sorting, and other aspects. Parallel robot configuration, with the characteristics of three-dimensional XYZ translation, has the advantages of high speed, good precision, high reliability, ease to use, low maintenance cost, and so on.

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Product Features

There is no cumulative error and high precision;
The driving device can be placed on or near the fixed platform so that the moving part is a light, high speed, and dynamic response is good;
The structure is compact, the rigidity is high and the bearing capacity is large;
The fully symmetric parallel mechanism has good isotropy;
The working space is small;
Robot for quick selection and placement for packing of goods
ISO fixture interface facilitates the use of complex clamps or suction cups
The modular structure of software and hardware, convenient for installation and debugging
Long service life, simple operation, minimum wiring, minimum space available for multi-robot configuration on a large conveyor system
The maintenance of ground cost can be monitored and maintained remotely through the network
Intelligent and multi-angle visual control
Programmable through ACE software and eV+ language, or through the familiar IEC 61131-3 when using HPLC Connect
The amplifier and controller built into the robot reduces the number of cables
Tracks up to a conveyor speed of 1.4 m/s
Designed with a high payload to support multi-hand (multi-picking)
Supports fast Pick & Place on a fast conveyor
Helps reduce mounting cost and robot vibration
Maximum working diameter 1,130 mm
Working height 425 mm
Maximum payload 8 kg
Weight 52 kg

Product Parameters

Product name Hornet
Size 565
Number of axes 3 Axis 4 Axis
IP Standard IP65/67 Standard IP65/67
Part Number 1720[ ]-45600 1720[ ]-45610 1720[ ]-45604 1720[ ]-45614
Mounting inverted
Working volume X,Y axis (stroke) 1130 mm
Z axis (stroke) 425 mm
theta axis (rotation angle) ±360°
Maximum Payload 8 kg 3 kg
Repeatability ±0.10 mm
Cycle times,
ambient *1
Payload 0.1 kg 0.32 s 0.35 s
Payload 1.0 kg 0.34 s 0.37 s
Payload 3.0 kg 0.38 s 0.42 s
Power Requirements 24 VDC: 6 A

200 to 240 VAC: 10 A, single-phase

Protection Base Topside of robot IP20 IP65 IP20 IP65
Underside of robot IP65
Platform, Arms IP67
Ambient Temperature 1 to 40°C
Humidity Range 5 to 90% (non-condensing)
Weight 52 kg
Controller eAIB
On-board I/O (Input/Output) 12/8
Conveyor tracking input 2
RS-232C serial communications
Programming environment ACE, ePLC
ACE Sight Yes
ePLC Connect Yes
ePLC I/O Yes
Connectable controller *2 Smart Controller EX, NJ/NX/NY Series *3

Application and After-Sales Service

Applications: Pick and place
After-Sales Service: Online Services and Video technical


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