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Industrial Robot Arm C3 Compact Arm Robot Slender Linear Body Robot Arm 6 Axis

Epson C3 compact 6-axis robot has just established a new performance standard for small 6-axis robots. As the leader of compact 6-axis robots, our new C3 design includes a unique compact wrist joint and slim elbow design. Epson C3 robot has excellent flexibility and is designed for large-scale work in small spaces. Our goal is to build robust robots in compact packages with the ability to meet Epson’s high-performance standards. The new Epson C3 can meet the above requirements and has more other functions. Epson C3’s cycle time is as low as 0.37 seconds, faster than many competitors’ SCARA models. In the same kind of products, all six joints of C3 are 32.4% faster than the competitors. C3 has a unique footprint to a range of motion ratio, and its outstanding flexibility makes it easy for Epson robots to do tasks that other small 6-axis arms can’t do (or those that require more cycle time to complete).

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Product Features

Implementation mode
Compared with the same size model, our slim linear body and compact wrist design can achieve a larger range of motion and reduce mechanical restrictions. In addition, larger motors and excellent servo control allow for fast and accurate motion control, that is, smoother motion for new applications. In addition, Epson acceleration rate and deceleration rate can provide fast motion in a smooth path.

Epson C3 medium-range 6-axis robot
Epson C3 compact 6-axis robot is designed for maximum flexibility, range of motion, and speed. In terms of robot design and performance, it includes all the latest technologies. The C3 compact 6-axis robot, combined with our power-driven servo technology, can produce the high-performance effect that customers expect.

Industry-leading cycle time
First-class range of motion
Compact design for maximum flexibility
ISO clean and ESD compliant

High performance
Industry-leading cycle time
Faster than competitor SCARA
Load up to 3 kg while maintaining the fastest cycle time
High repeat positioning accuracy, in line with customer expectations
Slim linear body design and ultra-compact wrist provide maximum flexibility
First-class range of motion can reach other small robots that can not reach the area

First-class controller and development software
Epson RC + is an industry leader in simplicity and time saving
Two hierarchical controller designs make the G6 robot a high performance or low cost solution
Integration options maximize system performance and reduce total development time (Read options page for more information)
High-performance processing power is many times faster than competitors’ products

Full integration options
Visual guidance
Network connectivity
Device network, Fieldbus, Ethernet, IP, CC link Fieldbus connection
Safety and audit
GUI Builder
Other axis controls
Belt tracking
Clean / ESD models available

Suitable for many applications and industries
medical care
Laboratory automation
Consumer electronics
Industrial product
Signal communication
Electronic equipment

Product Parameters

                        Model                                                                                                C3
Core specifications Repeat positioning accuracy: + / – 0.020mm
Load (kg): Max 3 / Rated 1
Cycle time: 0.37 sec
Weight: 27 kg
Arm length Horizontal arm length (to mounting surface): 665mm
Horizontal arm length (to carpal Center): 600mm
Vertical arm length (to mounting surface): 885mm
Vertical arm length (to carpal Center): 820mm
Other arm length configuration Installation type: Tabletop, Ceiling , Angle
Cleanliness and ESD standard: ISO 3 clean & ESD
Subscriber line Wire: 9 (Interface connector)
Air: 4
Environmental applicability Temperature: 5- 40 deg C
ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999
Safety standards CE
JIS B 8433
RS4-551: 0.39 secs
Available controllers RC180 micro power driven
PC based RC620 + (launched) high performance
Range of motion J1 (Turning): +/-170 deg
J2 (Lower Arm): -160 to +65 deg
J3 (Upper Arm): -51 to +225 deg
J4 (Wrist Roll): +/-200 deg
J5 (Wrist Bend): +/-135 deg
J6 (Wrist Twist): +/-360 deg
 Motor Wattage J1: 400 Watts
J2: 400 Watts
J3: 150 Watts
J4: 50 Watts
J5: 50 Watts
J6: 50 Watts
Braking All 6 axes have
Others Visual Guidance
NET Support
Device network, Ethernet, IP, Fieldbus, CC Link
Conveyor tracking (RC620 only)
GUI Builder (RC620 only)
Rated:1 Kg
Robot cable Safety and Audit

Application and After-Sales Service

Applications: Epson C3 compact 6-axis robot is especially suitable for laboratory automation, medicine, consumer electronics, food, automobile, electronic pen, PC peripherals, semiconductors, plastics, household appliances, and aerospace industries. They can be used in a wide range of applications, from blood sample processing to DNA testing, or from instrument panel assemblies to medical equipment. These robots can handle thousands of different applications. Please call us to help you develop new applications.

After-Sales Service: Online Services and Video technical


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