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Introduction to Cobot and the reasons for choosing Cobot


Cobot is a collaborative robot, which intends to work together with humans in a shared space and stands in contrast to traditional industrial robots which are designed to work autonomously with safety assured by isolation from human contact. Cobots can have many roles in different industry such as automation, retailing, serive, medical and so on.

Why Cobots?

Cobots from HAN’S ROBOT offer manufacturers’ access to the quick-return investment on their production, without the extra costs like industrial robot: complicated programming, long set-up, and safety shielded work cells. Elfin cobot makes automation affordable even for small-batch production runs and mixed product assembly. Lower their cost and increase productivity!

Why Elfin Cobots?

Elfin cobot update to the new version with new futures which bring clients more benefit. the repeatability and accuracy of Elfin cobot are improved to ±0.03mm, instead of ±0.05m, which reduces waste and improves production capacity, especially for WELDING APPLICATION.

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Why Elfin Cobots?

Increasing tool speed and acceleration of Elfin cobot to 2m/s, 2 times faster than before-1m/s. That means that Elfin cobots improve productivity greatly for clients’ production.


Why Elfin Cobots?

Regarding IP CLASSIFICATION, Elfin cobots provide two options to our clients: IP54/IP66, unlike other normal cobots which only provide IP54.Higher classification supports Elfin cobots working in variable production environment, don’t worry about the damage caused by harmful or hazardous production environment.



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