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Ai enabled Industrial Park to a new level


Dr. Industry Group & OrionStar & Dobe Group
On April 1, Sheng Fu, chairman of OrionStar, Haidong Zhang, President of Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Technology Association, Bo Jia, chairman of Dobe group and Xiaopeng Shen, CEO of Dr. Industry Group. , went to Dobe group headquarters, No. 492, Anhua Road, Changning District, Shanghai for a visit.

The party came to Dobe e-Park of Changning to have a detailed understanding of the park’s planning, structure, emerging design and innovative ideas, and visited the upgrading mode of artificial intelligence industry in the park. During the visit, the group exchanged views on the intelligent office facilities that can be upgraded in the industrial park, and exchanged and discussed the innovative application of artificial intelligence in the intelligent park.

Dr. Industry, Orion star and Dobe said that with the blessing of AI, the AI enabled Industrial Park will become a new highland of AI industry, which will bring a lot of convenience for future industrial agglomeration and enterprise development.


Dr. Industry helps AI Industrial Park upgrade

The artificial intelligence unmanned dining car in the restaurant, the welcome robot in the hotel, the roadside unmanned retail cabinet machine and the production of milk tea drinks and other application scenarios are constantly realized. In the face of the rapid development of artificial intelligence cases, Dr. Gong and his partners hope to complete the high concentration of artificial intelligence industry through the construction of artificial intelligence Industrial Park. It is hoped that more AI + application scenarios such as AI + home, AI + intelligent medical, AI + security, AI + transportation and AI + park management will be formed in the future.



As a new generation of science and technology support tools, artificial intelligence technology has become a popular application in various scientific research. It is not hard to imagine that the artificial intelligence technology of enterprises in the industrial park will be conveniently and widely used in the scientific research of first-class scientific and technological enterprises, first-class scientific devices and scientific research carriers in the region. At the same time, these achievements will be fed back to the artificial intelligence enterprises here.


The emergence of artificial intelligence Industrial Park further expands the landing scene of artificial intelligence. In the future, the park will vigorously promote the popularization of artificial intelligence technology in surrounding parks and communities. For example, restaurants and hotels are unmanned, all roads in the park are open to driverless, and traffic management, public security, social services, business services and park management services are also undertaken by artificial intelligence.

Most of the scenarios of artificial intelligence application involve people’s public life. It needs the coordination and Management Department of the park to help enterprises to get through the channels to enter the public application field and accelerate the formation of artificial intelligence market. Take autopilot as an example, the park and traffic management department are deeply connected, organize the companies such as automatic driving, road monitoring, radar and face recognition, and go to the traffic police command center to learn the traffic police supervision mode. On the other hand, invite the traffic control department to Zhangjiang to understand the enterprise’s cutting-edge technology and products. The park also plans to invite insurance and government decision-making agencies to discuss the management plan of intelligent driving together.


In a word, the development of AI Industrial Park will realize the necessary landing scene and industrial agglomeration of AI industry.


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