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Epson Cobot N6 Manipulator Folding Arm 6 Axis CNC Robot Arm

EPSON N6-New folding arm six axis robot-Opening unit automation era of precision transfer special robot. A revolutionary new addition to Epson’s 6-Axis robot lineup, the Flexion N6 stands tall in a class of its own. Featuring patented compact folding arm technology, this innovative robot offers significant advantages in efficiency of motion and workcell space reduction. With the ability to operate in a tight space, the Flexion N6 can be utilized in production lines that traditional 6-Axis robots cannot. Designed with a smart new kinematic configuration, Epson’s Flexion N-Series robots, beginning with the Flexion N2, are redefining the 6-Axis robot category.

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Product Features

The compact 6-Axis robot with a long reach and revolutionary design.
World’s first folding-arm design — built for optimum motion and workspace efficiency
Ideal for confined spaces — perfect for load/unload applications
Ultra long reach in a compact design — strong footprint-to-reach ratio
Unique tight-space motion capability — ensures the robot’s arm extremities avoid obstacles
Outstanding motion efficiency — arm design allows for fast cycle times
Powerful arm design — 1,000 mm reach, up to 6 kg payload
Remarkable speed and precision — powered by Epson’s proprietary Residual Vibration Technology
Full-featured Epson RC+® Development Software — makes it simple to create powerful solutions
Integrated vision guidance option — designed specifically for robot guidance; easily automates simple applications when vision is required
Other integrated options — fieldbus interface solutions; RC+ 7.0 API software for open-platform functionality; teach pendants; and customizable GUIs

Product Parameters

Product Name N6
Model N6-A1000S/SR/SB/SBR
Load Rated 3 kg
Max 6 kg
Max reachable position Point P: the center of J1-J5 1010 mm
Flange surface of J1-6 1110 mm
Repeatability J1-J6 ± 0.04 mm
Max range of motion J1 ± 180 deg
J2 ± 180 deg
J3 ± 180 deg
J4 ± 200 deg
J5 ± 125 deg
J6 ± 360 deg
Max movement speed J1 326 deg/s
J2 326 deg/s
J3 444 deg/s
J4 444 deg/s
J5 ± 125 deg
J6 537.8 deg/s
Allowable moment of inertia J4 0.42 kg•m2
J5 0.42 kg•m2
J6 0.14 kg•m2
Mounting Configurations Tabletop/ Ceiling
Installation environment Standard
Weight (Cables not included)) 69 kg
Applicable controller RC700-A
Power supply specification AC200-240V single phase
Power waste 1.0 kVA
Cable length 3m / 5m / 10m / 15m / 20m
Subscriber line interface D-sub 15 pin, RJ45 8 pin x 2 (cat 5E, also for vision and pressure sensors)
User gas interface ø6 mm x 2 : 0.59 MPa (6 kgf/cm2 : 86 psi)
Safety standards CE , KCs

Application and After-Sales Service

Used for a Wide Variety of Applications and Industries
Consumer Products
Industrial Products
Lab Automation

After-Sales Service: Online Services and Video technical


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