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Epson C8 6 Axis Robot Arm 8kg High Load And Larger Operating Distance Compact Cobot Manipulator Robot Arm

Epson C8L long-distance 6-axis robot has high performance and wider range of motion, while maintaining its unique slim linear package. The load is as high as 8kg, it can enter the narrow space, complete a variety of different medium-sized six axis work, and occupies a small area. Like the Epson C4 robot, the c8l design includes a compact wrist pitch and slim body elbows. The weight is only 52kg, while ensuring a larger range of motion and faster cycle time. In a word, Epson c8l robot is specially used for heavy work in narrow space. Our goal is to continue to develop durable and compact 6-axis robots that meet Epson’s high performance standards. The new Epson c8l robot increases the load to 8kg, so as to complete more work, while ensuring fast speed, short cycle time and small floor area.

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Product Features

Epson C8L robot only needs 0.38 second cycle time (load up to 3kg). It uses a 1000W motor on the J1 axis to start, which is powerful but compact. The range of motion is larger than the floor area, and has a high degree of flexibility.

• Fast cycle time, easy movement
• Innovative residual vibration control technology developed by Epson (see features / advantages page)
• Greater range of motion
• Slim linear design for greater flexibility
• ISO class 3 clean / antistatic and protective (IP67)

What should we do? (Epson’s innovative development)

C8 robot has a slender linear body and a compact wrist, and has a larger range of motion and less mechanical restrictions. Bigger motor and excellent servo controller make its speed faster, motion control more accurate and motion more stable in the next application. In addition, Epson innovatively developed a high-performance servo system. The acceleration / deceleration performance of the robot can make it move faster on a smooth path.

Epson innovative development: Aftervibration technology — most 6-axis robot manufacturers need to expand the size to achieve the rigidity required for excellent performance. Epson’s aftervibration technology enables the slender linear arm to produce high speed, accuracy and acceleration / deceleration performance. Vibration reduction is the key to achieve high performance. The residual vibration technology adopts Epson quartz micromotor system sensor, and greatly reduces the vibration by detecting and eliminating the vibration.

Service Industry

Epson C8L long-distance 6-axis robot is very suitable for a wide range of applications in automotive, medical, electronic products, electrical appliances, consumer goods, food, computer peripherals, semiconductors, plastics and aerospace industries, including automotive component handling, industrial component handling or consumer product assembly. The robot can be used in a large number of scenes. In the next application, please contact us for help.

Characteristics and advantages

Based on the successful experience of C4 robot, Epson C8 robot maintains the key slim linear design and C4 robot’s high performance, high load and larger operating distance.Suitable for different applications requiring high flexibility, high speed and small footprint. Epson C8L long-distance 6-axis robot uses power driven servo technology to achieve the high-performance results expected by customers. In addition, by using the cutting-edge residual vibration technology, namely Epson quartz micro electromechanical system, which can sense the angular velocity and feed it back to the servo motion system, C8 series robots can greatly reduce the vibration in the process of motion and start / stop, making the motion more stable and positioning faster.

High performance

• High speed cycle time
• Small footprint and light weight
• Load up to 8kg and short cycle time
• High repeat positioning accuracy, in line with customer expectations
• Residual vibration technology ensures fast movement and positioning

Advantages of slim linear design

• The floor area is small to ensure the utilization rate of plant space
• Light weight, easy for ceiling / sidewall installation and track / slide installation
• The compact wrist provides class leading fifth joint mobility
• Excellent range of motion
• Wide first joint (+ / – 240 degrees) working range (about 30% more than traditional 6-axis robot)
• Suitable for loading / unloading in limited or narrow space

Leading edge controller and development software

• Epson RC + software is at the forefront of the industry in terms of ease of use and saving development time
• RC700-a controller provides high performance at low cost
• Integration options optimize system performance and reduce total development time (see options page for more information)
• High performance and fast processing capability
• Customers can use their own PC to connect with RC700 controller, and get better performance at lower cost

Full integration options

• Visual guidance
• Network connection with RC + 7.0 API
• Device network, fieldbus, Ethernet, IP, Ether CAT, CC link fieldbus connection
• GUI Builder – easy to create GUI through Epson RC + robot development environment
• Other axis controls
• Belt tracking
• Clean / antistatic
• The IP67 model is available

Wide range of applications and industries

• Automobile
• Medical
• Consumer products
• Electronic products
• Industrial products
• Laboratory automation
• Communication
• Pharmaceutical
• Semiconductor

Product Parameters

Model: C8
Core specifications Repeat positioning accuracy: +/-0.02mm
Load (kg): Max 8 / Rated 3
Cycle time: 0.31 sec(1Kg Load)
Weight: 49 kg (53kg IP67)
Arm length Horizontal working distance (to mounting surface): 791mm
Horizontal working distance (to wrist Center): 711mm
Other arm length configuration Installation type: Table, Ceiling
Clean type and Antistatic type: ISO 3 and Antistatic
Protection type: IP67 rated
Subscriber line Wire: 15 pin (D-sub connector)
Ethernet: 8-pin RJ45 (class 5 or equivalent)
Guide force connection: guide force connector 6 pin (Future)
Air: 2 (6mm)
Environmental applicability Temperature: 5- 40 ℃
Humidity: 10 – 80% (non condensing)
Safety standards CE
JIS B 8433
ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999
Mechanical instructions EN ISO 12100-1、EN ISO 12100-2、EN ISO 10218、EN 60204-1、EN ISO 13849-1
EMC directive EN55011、EN61000-6-2
JIS B 8433-1
In line with KC mark
RoHS directive、REACH
Available controllers RC700-A– PC driven high performance controller
RC700DU-A- multi robot control drive unit
Range of motion J1 (Steering): +/- 240°
J2 (Lower Arm): -158to +65°
J3 (Upper Arm): -61 to +202°
J4 (Wrist Roll): +/-200°
J5 (Wrist Bend): +/-135°
J6 (Wrist Twist): +/-360°
 Motor Wattage J1: 1000 W
J2: 750 W
J3: 400 W
J4: 100 W
J5: 100 W
J6: 100 W
Allowable moment of inertia J4:0.47 kg•m2
J5:0.47 kg•m2
J4:0.15 kg•m2
Braking All 6 axes
Options Visual guidance (CV2 or PV1)
Net support (Epson RC + 7.0 API)
Device network, Ethernet / IP, Fieldbus, EtherCAT, CC link
Belt tracking
GUI construction
Pressure sensing
Robot cable 3M (Standard), 5m (Optional), 10m (Optional)
Software EPSON RC+ 7.0

Application and After-Sales Service

Used for a Wide Variety of Applications and Industries
Consumer Products
Industrial Products
Lab Automation

After-Sales Service: Online Services and Video technical


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