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FANUC M-710iC/50 Robot Arm 6 Axis Industrial Payload 7kg Reach 717mm 6 Axis Industrial Robot Arm

FANUC has a wide range of robot types and models available for various applications. Various features are available for FANUC robots to make a maximum use of robot flexibilities. FANUC robots are used in factories around the globe to help manufacturers improve quality, increase capacity and overcome skills shortages. Robots build products too intricate for human hands to assemble, prepare pharmaceuticals in aseptic conditions and protect workers from dangerous or harmful environments. Automated robotic systems benefit manufacturers of every scale and in every industry. The Fanuc M-710+C/45M is suitable for factory Bin picking of cylindrical parts/Car body sealing. And its 6 axis arm makes to change the work pieces direction quickly.

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Product Features

Robotic systems can be complex, demanding a deep understanding of industrial robotics technology and extensive integration experience. This is where Dr. Industry excels. FANUC industrial robots are some of the most sophisticated robots in the world, and Dr. Industry puts them to work. FANUC is an automation company specializing in advanced robotic arms for manufacturing. FANUC robots incorporate state-of-the-art technologies, like 3D vision systems and force sensing, to take on an almost every manufacturing task imaginable. With more than 100 models, FANUC has a solution for every task, ranging from compact five- and six-axis articulated robots to huge machines with long reach and massive payload capabilities. These options include painting robots, high-speed “delta” robots, and the CR-35iA “collaborative” robot that needs no guarding.


FANUC Robot M-710+C is a medium payload handling robot series with the capacity of 12kg – 70kg.
● Eight models are available to meet a variety of applications.
– FANUC Robot M-710+C/45M, /50, /70
Wide motion envelop and large wrist load capacity are enough to handle a large panel.
M-710+C/45M: Payload capacity 45kg M-710+C/50: Payload capacity 50kg M-710+C/70: Payload capacity 70kg
– FANUC Robot M-710+C/50S
This model has a compact body suitable for narrow area operation. (Payload capacity 50kg)
– FANUC Robot M-710+C/12L, /20L, /20M
Long reach and high motion performance are suitable for various applications, such as handling, sealing and arc welding.
M-710+C/12L:Payload capacity 12kg(Hollow wrist) M-710+C/20L:Payload capacity 20kg M-710+C/20M : Payload capacity 20kg
– FANUC Robot M-710+C/50H
This model is a 5 axes type robot that corresponds to the high speed transferring. The ceiling mount realizes a compact handling system. (Payload capacity 50kg)
● The full cover realizes IP67-equivalent resistance to severe environmental conditions (dust and dips). It’s reliable in various applications, such as load / unload for machined parts, de-burring and die cast loading.

Product Parameters

Model M-710iC
Controlled axes 6
Reach 2606mm
Installation Floor/Upside-down/Angle mont
Motion range J1 360° 6.28rad
J2 225° 3.93rad
J3 440°  7.68rad
J4 800°  13.96rad
J5 250°  4.36rad
J6 800°  13.96rad
Max.load capacity at wrist 45kg
Max.load capacity at J3 casing 15kg
Allowable load moment at wrist J4 206N.m 21kgf.m
J5 206N.m 21kgf.m
J6 127N.m 13kgf.m
Allowable load inertia at wrist J4 28kg.m2
J5 28kg.m2
J6 20kg.m2
Repeatability ±0.06mm
Mass 570kg

Application and After-Sales Service

Applications: Bin picking of cylindrical parts/Car body sealing
After-Sales Service: Online Services and Video technical


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