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Epson C4 Light And Compact Pro Six C4 Series Homanoid Industrial Manipulator Robot Arm

As a pioneer in the field of industrial robots, we can never stop the development of new features and the continuous optimization of robot systems. We should always pursue higher efficiency of its application under the premise of reasonable cost performance. Here is the new Epson six-axis industrial robot C4 series. The working range of Epson pro six C4 is 600mm, the payload is 4kg (5kg when the wrist is vertically down), and the power is stable. Vibration control is realized through the newly developed Epson sensing technology. The new Epson pro six c4l has a working range of 900mm, but because the manipulator is designed to be very slender, it only needs very little space. Therefore, in terms of making full use of space, it is incomparable with similar products.

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Product Features

The Epson prosix C4 series also offers greater efficiency. Among them, the load capacity can be increased to 4kg, while the manipulator is still as light and compact as its previous generation. Ideal for handling lightweight materials in a limited space environment. Our six axis industrial robots prosix C4 and c4l have revolutionary Epson sensor technology, which greatly reduces vibration in motion. Both high starting speed and high braking speed – the power used to achieve hitherto unimaginable power data is stable.

Suitable for low load and high working range

The new six axis industrial robots C4 and c4l are part of the highly effective Epson prosix series, which you can use to give full play to the full potential of your resources. Because the working range is spherical, they are ideal for complex parts handling or installation. Even in the limited working space, they will bring a very comfortable feeling with the help of their flexibility and slender manipulator design. When multiple industrial robots work in the same unit, very few interference contours reduce the risk of collision. Through the innovative hinge structure developed by Epson, the rotation radius is smaller and the swing range is larger. The rotation angle of the fifth axis is ± 135 ° to achieve a higher degree of freedom. The new Epson robot controller rc700 is compact and economical, and has its own service package – a new PC based unit control device. Rc700 can communicate with all common fieldbus systems and can be connected to more controls, sensors, brakes and conveyor belts.

Epson C4 compact 6-axis robot is designed for maximum flexibility, range of motion and speed. In terms of robot design and performance, it includes all the latest technologies. Combined with our power driven servo technology, C4 compact 6-axis robot can produce the high performance effect that customers expect. At the same time, it matches the new rc700 controller and RC + 7.0 software platform to provide you with more efficient applications.

High performance
Industry leading cycle time
Faster than other brands of 6-axis robots
Load up to 4 kg while maintaining the fastest cycle time
High repeat positioning accuracy, in line with customer expectations
Slim linear body design and ultra compact wrist provide maximum flexibility
First class range of motion, can reach other small robots can not reach the area
First class controller and development software
Epson new controller rc700 provides richer and easier to use interfaces
Epson’s new RC + 7.0 provides more powerful development functions, leading the
industry in simple use and saving development time
Other options can be integrated to maximize system performance and reduce total
High performance processing capacity is many times faster than other brands
Full integration options
Visual guidance
Network connectivity
Device network、 Fieldbus、Ethernet、IP、CC-Link fieldbus connection
Safety and Audit
GUI Builder
Other axis controls
Belt tracking
Clean / ESD models available
Suitable for many applications and industries
Medical care
Laboratory automation
Consumer electronics
Industrial product
Signal communication
Electronic quipment

Product Parameters

Core specifications Repeat positioning accuracy: + / – 0.02mm
Load (kg): Max 4 / Rated 1
Cycle time: 0.37 sec(C4-A601)
Weight: 27 kg
Arm length Horizontal arm length (to mounting surface): 665mm
Horizontal arm length (to carpal Center): 600mm
Vertical arm length (to mounting surface): 885mm
Vertical arm length (to carpal Center): 820mm
Other arm length configuration Installation type: Table, Ceiling , Angle
Cleanliness and ESD standard: ISO 3 clean & ESD
Subscriber line Wire: 9 (Interface connector)
Air: 4
Environmental applicability Temperature: 5- 40 deg C
Humidity: 10 – 80% (non condensing)
Safety standards CE
JIS B 8433
ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999
Available controllers RC700 micro power driven
PC based rc620 + (launched) high performance
Range of motion J1 (Turning): +/-170 deg
J2 (Lower Arm): -160 to +65 deg
J3 (Upper Arm): -51 to +225 deg
J4 (Wrist Roll): +/-200 deg
J5 (Wrist Bend): +/-135 deg
J6 (Wrist Twist): +/-360 deg
 Motor Wattage J1: 400 Watts
J2: 400 Watts
J3: 150 Watts
J4: 50 Watts
J5: 50 Watts
J6: 50 Watts
Braking All 6 axes have
Others Visual guidance
NET support
Device network, Ethernet, Multiple Fieldbus
Belt tracking
GUI Builder
Robot cable 3M (Standard), 5m (Optional), 10m (Optional)

Application and After-Sales Service

Applications: Epson C3 compact 6-axis robot is especially suitable for laboratory automation, medicine, consumer electronics, food, automobile, electronic pen, PC peripherals, semiconductors, plastics, household appliances and aerospace industries. They can be used in a wide range of applications, from blood sample processing to DNA testing, or from instrument panel assemblies to medical equipment. These robots can handle thousands of different applications. Please call us to help you develop new applications.

After-Sales Service: Online Services and Video technical


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